(MVHR) Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

MVHR can be installed in any building, effective in new build homes, better airflow throughout buildings, no compromise to heating costs.

MVHR is a way of passively heating your home and can reduce your heat demand and heat losses.

MVHR can be fitted in any building, and is most effective in new build homes. MVHR provides the building with fresh filtered air, at the same time as retaining most of the energy already used in heating the building. Whilst not a heating source itself, this solution allows for a greater, more reliable, quality and flow of air throughout the premises, without the compromising warmth already inside.

In many cases, MVHR can assist in reducing issues as a result of condensation in buildings that are not insulated as well, by removing lingering warm and damp air without the need for a manual airflow (i.e., an open window or door).

How does it work?

Polluted air is drawn from rooms throughout the building and into a central heat exchanger, through which the heat is collected and transferred into the freshly-filtered supply air coming into the building.

This transferrable process works both ways; an MVHR system is also able to retain coolness in polluted air, where outside temperature and incoming supply is warmer.

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